What is Solar PV Retro-Fitted Battery Storage, and how can I get 20% off the price?

Feb 29, 2024 | Solar Battery Storage, Solar Panels

What is Solar PV Retro-Fitted Battery Storage and how can I get 20 percent off the price

Are you missing battery storage for your solar panels?

If you, like many others, had solar panels installed without battery storage, you will know that you can only use the energy generated by your panels, whilst it is generating (in other words, during daylight hours). For most people this just isn’t practical, in the daytime you are out and about, at school or at work, and even if you are at home, you will likely be using a lot less power than you would be in the evening. And let’s face it, we are pretty sure you haven’t spent all that time and money installing solar panels to still be charged premium prices from the grid!

So, what can you do to make use of all that unused energy your solar panels are making in the day? Introducing… Solar PV Retro-Fitted Battery Storage.

Solar PV Retro-Fitted Battery Storage refers to battery packs that can be retro-fitted to use alongside your current solar panels. Once installed, your battery pack and panels will work together to store energy generated in the day, to use at a time that’s convenient for you. Each pack holds approximately an hour of power, and you can have multiple packs installed.


But aren’t these pricey you ask?

Good news! From 1st February 2024, a new Government scheme goes live where Solar PV Retro-Fitted Battery Storage is now VAT exempt. In other words, you can save 20% off battery storage systems if you already have solar panels installed.

Adding a home battery to your solar panels can be a smart move, it means more savings, more reliability, and doing your part for the planet.

We’ve put together some great benefits below:


Save Money:

With a home battery, you can store extra solar power made during the day to use at a more convenient time when the sun’s not shining. This means you use more of the free energy you generate and less from the grid, which can save you a great deal on your energy bills.


Keep the Lights On:

If there’s a power outage, a home battery can kick in to keep your lights and appliances running. It’s like having a backup generator but cleaner and quieter.


Use Energy Smarter:

Home batteries can help you take advantage of cheaper electricity rates at certain times of the day. So, if it’s not been the best day for solar power, you can fill your battery packs with power from the grid at cheaper times (night time for example) and make use of that energy when rates are higher, saving even more money.


Help the Environment:

By using more of your solar power and less from fossil fuels, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and helping to fight climate change.


Less Stress on the Grid:

By storing and using your own power, you’re putting less strain on the electricity grid, which can help make it more reliable for everyone.


Long-Term Savings:

While there’s an upfront cost, over time, the savings on your bills can make up for it, and you’re protected from future price hikes from your utility company.


Here at BB Electrical, our qualified, renewable energy experts can set you up with the right storage solution, ensuring your battery system works well for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to make your home greener today!