Navigating the World of EV Charger Installers: What You Need to Know

Oct 27, 2023 | EV Charger

Navigating the World of EV Charger Installers: What You Need to Know

If you are thinking of investing in an Electric Vehicle, then having an EV Charger at home is crucial. It will enable convenient charging and reduce your reliance on public charging stations. However, navigating the world of EV Charger Installers can be daunting, so in this blog we’ll provide essential information, plus top tips you need to make an informed decision about EV Charger Installers.

The first thing to do is Understand Your Needs

By understanding your specific requirements, you will be in a much stronger position when discussing EV Chargers with Installers

Speed – What speed of charging do you need? Level 1 offers a standard speed, Level 2 offers faster charging whilst DC Fast Chargers provide the quickest charging.


Myenergi Zappi Charge Modes:

A Zappi charging unit comes with three charging modes called ECO, ECO+, and FAST, all tailored to best suit your current power situation. You choose between these modes when charging, allowing the zappi to intelligently react to your renewable outputs.

Capacity – Will your current electrical installation support the addition of an EV charger or are you likely to need an upgrade.

Location – What is the best location for your EV Charger? Do you have a driveway or garage. The unit will be wall mounted, so think about where it will go.

Budget – What is your budget for the installation? This should include the charging unit itself as well as any required system upgrades.

Incentives – Are there any schemes or rebates available that you can apply for to offset the cost of your EV charger installation.

Compatability – Do you have a solar PV system in place? Do you have battery storage in place? If so then look at EV chargers that are compatible and will work alongside your renewable energy system.

Next Research Reputable EV Charger Installers

Find a qualified and experienced EV charger installer, ideally in your local area. Remember to check;

Certifications – Look for industry recognised qualifications.

Experience – As a relatively new service, providers are unlikely to have many years of experience, but check for real life work completed as well as the qualifications.

Reviews – Look for examples of work done and reviews from happy customers.

Now you can Get a Few Quotes

Obtain quotes from several EV Charger Installers to compare price and service. The cheapest may not be the best option, look carefully at;

Warranty – find out how long the equipment is guaranteed for.

Maintenance – can the EV Charger Installers offer support or maintenance on your EV Charger and how much will this cost.

Installing an EV Charger can be complicated, so ensure you have done your homework by understanding your requirements, doing your research and getting detailed quotes.

If you would like advice or a quote on installing an EV Charger get in touch today.